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The longest punchline.

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Different person here. Whomever you are talking to about Kirsten is a jackass. One decent point he/she has is about your conversation skills with people that disagree with you. You are antagonistic and not very receptive. Maybe it is just how you talk to those people on the internet, and doesn't accurately reflect how you converse in real life. You seem like a pretty intelligent person, so it is probably just the internet asshats that bother you.
littleorphanammo littleorphanammo Said:

I am totally antagonistic on the internets!

I will absolutely cop to that.

And for the most part it is because it’s absolute bullshit. There have been some times, in the past, where I have actually engaged with someone who was actually interested in a dialogue, regardless of whether or not that dialogue aligned with my internal monologue. I generally learn a good amount from those interactions, as humbling as they may turn out to be, I’m always better off for them.

However, I’ve been doing this blog idiocy long enough that I can sort of sense when it isn’t worth it (‘it’ being my time, or my readers time). That’s probably antagonistic and dismissive in and of itself but also truth. You know? I can tell when someone is actually interested in chatting, as opposed to verbally waving their arms in the air like Kermit the frog and the reality is that I’m just not interested in engaging that pseudo-important melodrama anymore. Here or anywhere else.

She’s said so many gottdamt dumbass things lately that SO MANY more articulate writers have addressed in ways that are far more interesting and insightful, yet this little child is apparently obsessed with defending her to some dumbass tumblr?


Get a new hobby? Something more useful?

Like paint staring?

Also I love the tag. "Dumbass people defending other dumbass people." You sound so educated. Try having a conversation with someone without being completely insulting someone's character. Especially when you have no idea who I am. Try acting like an adult. Thank you and have a nice day!
littleorphanammo littleorphanammo Said: