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ladyofleisuredc replied to your post: So I haven’t said anything about the MIA fingerfuck yesterday

well, you kinda know what to expect from the programs you mentioned and they have a rating system so you can have your kid watch or not watch based on that- a warning. The superbowl is supposed to family friendly.

Because hyper-competitive violence is so very family friendly, is it not?  And you know what is also family friendly?  Rock and Roll. Why, that’s been family friendly since at least 1960, yet they keep putting rock stars on center stage. Hmm…I wonder what could be going on there.

Oh right, the abject, unapologetic fetishization of consumerism that runs rampant from about a week prior to a week after!  Which is also, very very family friendly!  And then there is all the drinking. The copious, unending inebriation gleefully encouraged at every turn. And the commercials themselves! The sexist, commercials filled with innuendo and sexy sex and boobs and objectification.

And this is why I reject any ‘Family Friendly’ argument on the basis that to make the claim that the entire spectacle is ‘family friendly’ or meant for children in any way, shape or form is completely and wholly without merit. It is an adult event, meant for adults and sold to adults.

It’s marketing to repeat the “family friendly” refrain. That’s how they get away with all the shit they get away with. And everyone bought what they were selling.


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  2. ladyofleisuredc said: I think with/sexism/consumerism etc, it is a historical epidemic and society is simply desensitized. We’ll get there eventually with the flipping of fingers/two gay people kissing on the tv etc. I do see your point and agree.
  3. wooliebear said: The whole thing seems stupid to me. Stupid of her to flip the bird and stupid of everyone to bitch with all the tits and ass and general crap present during the Stupor Bowl.
  4. ipomoeaj said: You can’t air those shittacular GoDaddy ads and then try to wave the “family friendly” banner. I’m more offended about a headless woman’s body used as an advertising canvas than half a second of the bird.
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