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A British company called And Vinyly promises to do just that for a fee of £3,000. Pets and body parts accepted. After your passing, rotate forever on your relatives’ turntables, preferably in the form of ‘Kokomo’ or something else similarly cheery:

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    How appropriate, turn your dead body into dead technology. I would probably go with Queen’s “Who Wants to Live Forever?”...
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    wait, really?
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    Personally, I’m looking forward to my remains playing Tranquil Breezes once I pass.
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    I’ve read that you can turn yourself into a diamond. I’d rather go that route. So my whoever can wear me around & shit....
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    This is messed up. Though “Tiptoe Through the Tulips” would be a great song for this. Every time I think of that song I...
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    what if I got my body turned into a record that played my own voice? It could be my last will and testiment and stuff,...
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    Would getting pressed into “Never Rest In Peace” be wildly inappropriate?
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    This could be the ultimate Rick Roll.
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    ok, so when are they gonna start converting remains into data so I can be uploaded to the web after I die? I want to...
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    Would I do it? I might do it.
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