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Extravagantly or excessively sentimental; self-pitying; Affectionate or sentimental in an effusive, tearful, or foolish manner, especially because of drunkenness

My mother used to accuse me of this often.

"Oh ammo, you are so maudlin. ALWAYS so maudlin. Even as a child. So Maudlin.”

Looking back and forward, I can’t say she was or is incorrect. Like all things though, there are complicated truths that wiggle and cling to isolation. There are revelations and personal crusades that are terrible, tearful and imperfect in their recollection, but passionate motivations nonetheless. They probably seem extravagant to the person not experiencing them, but what a massive judgement call to make. About things you can’t know and don’t feel!

Let me put it this way: If how I’m remembered, at the very end of my life, is “excessively sentimental”? If that’s what they say at my grave side and at my funeral?

I’ll be ok with that.

If the worst thing anyone can say is that I felt too much or made too big a deal about it, drunk or not, how did I lose? What else are you living for?

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